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Discover investments

Discover investments

Access our top stock, ETF and fund picks; analyst ratings and commentary on over 1,600 companies; plus data on over 48,000 global securities.

Track investments

Track investments

Keep track of investments easily with a consolidated view and full analysis of your portfolio, along with streamlined reporting.

Monitor Investments

Navigate markets

Make sense of market events with regular articles, videos & research reports from our independent analysts and editorial team.

Your inclusions as a Morningstar Investor member

Discover investments

Find investment opportunities which fit your needs with our equities, ETFs, Funds and Hybrids coverage.

  • You may be familiar with Morningstar’s algorithm based quantitative research through your broker. Morningstar Investor gives you access to independent qualitative research conducted by analysts on more than 1600 companies, 350 managed funds, 70 ETFs plus data on over 48,000 global securities. Find more information about the difference here.
  • Access our top equity picks, including sustainable dividend generating stocks, 5-star Australian and global stocks, 5-star Australian and global listed property stocks, sustainable investing stocks and more
  • Access our analysts’ Fund and ETF ratings, which are based on the ability to outperform the index on a risk-adjusted basis over time
  • Easy-to-use, customisable filters to quickly identify investments which suit your goals
    • Stock filter options include sector, market cap, dividend yield, franking percentage, payout ratio, Morningstar rating, economic moat, price/earnings ratio, return on equity, annualised return and more
    • ETF and Fund filter options include yield, total cost ratio, annualised return, category, management style, Morningstar analyst rating, sustainability rating and more
  • Keep an eye on price movements and Morningstar ratings as you wait for a more compelling opportunity with a customisable watchlist

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Discover investments



Track & analyse investments

Morningstar Investor includes complimentary access to Sharesight’s Investor Plan, one of Australia’s leading portfolio trackers (valued up to $372 p.a.) Sharesight’s integration into Morningstar Investor’s portfolio manager allows you to:

  • Track all of your investments in a single location
  • Easy dividend tracking with corporate actions automatically incorporated in portfolio reports
  • An integration with Morningstar’s data and research: garner insights on your holdings from our team of equity and fund analysts
  • Know your portfolio's true performance with daily price & currency updates
  • Save time during tax time with streamline portfolio and tax reporting
  • Know your exposure: Take a deep dive into your portfolio with Morningstar’s Portfolio X-Ray – get region, sector and style breakdowns

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Stay informed

Our teams in Australia, North America and Europe deliver insights from our wide breadth of equity, fund and ETF research, our in-house behavioural science researchers and our investment management team.

  • A view on markets and investing focused on sound analysis rather than snap reactions to market events
  • Commentary and insights on latest economic, political and business news
  • Access to our latest equity, fund and ETF research, including in-depth research reports
Stay informed

Example Morningstar Investor research reports*

  • Quarterly ANZ Equity Market Outlook
  • Annual Sector Forecast (including Basic Materials, Communication Services, Consumer Cyclical, Consumer Defensive, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrials, Real Estate, Technology, Utilities)
  • State of Retirement Income
  • Australian Sustainable Investing Fund Landscape
  • Active / Passive Barometer
  • Australian Credit Monthly
  • Morningstar ETF Model Portfolios
  • Morningstar LIC monthly
  • Market Index Performance Monthly Update
  • Morningstar Model Income Equity
  • ETFInvestor Quarterly

*These examples include one-off and recurring research reports published inside Morningstar Investor. Morningstar cannot guarantee they will be published in the future.

Access the latest research reports in Morningstar Investor



Learn To Invest

Learn to invest

Knowledge is the foundation of independence. Access to educational webinars and investing guides covering a wide range of topics. These are designed for both novice investors and experienced investors looking to review key foundational topics.

  • Discover strategies to build wealth via stock, fund and ETF investing
  • Learn fundamental frameworks for successful long-term investing
  • How to build a portfolio aligned to your goals


Morningstar Guide to Income Investing

Discover trusted strategies to help pick the right securities and build a successful income investing portfolio.

Morningstar Guide to Selecting Investments

Knowing how to navigate your choices and weigh up asset classes and styles of investing will help ensure you're heading in the right direction.

Morningstar Guide to Investing for Women

Women are less likely to invest than men, and when they do, they invest later in life, are beset by jargon and often receive inadequate advice.

Morningstar Guide to ETF Investing

Exchange-traded funds are an easy and affordable way to gain exposure to a range of local and international asset classes and thereby diversify your portfolio.

Morningstar Guide to Portfolio Construction

A 4-step framework to build a portfolio that is aligned to your goals.

Morningstar Guide to Share Investing

Discover strategies to help build wealth via share investing, benefits and risks of share investing and a step by step guide to valuing a share.

Morningstar Guide to Fund Investing

Pooling funds with other investors allows you to access professional managers, who can put your money in hard-to-access asset classes.

Morningstar Guide to International Investing

Discover trusted strategies to help identify the right overseas investment for your portfolio.



Monitor markets

We contextualise day to day market movements with our view of the overall market valuation so you can focus on the long-term investment opportunity.

  • Explore index, commodity and currency changes
  • See the current price to fair value of each market we cover along with the valuation from a year ago
Monitor markets

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Frequently Asked Questions

➣ Why does Morningstar’s ratings on my broker platform differ from the ones in Morningstar Investor

The research that you receive through your Morningstar Investor Membership is qualitative—our analysts have rated the stock and provided input and opinion to the final fair value. The research that you access through your broker is quantitative in nature – what this means is that the fair value is decided based on data inputs and algorithms, without weigh in from our analysts.

This is why the research and ratings may differ between your membership and your broker.

Morningstar Investor is not a broker service – it offers a different service to your broker – focusing on providing investors a holistic portfolio management tool that helps you track, monitor and maintain your investments.

➣ I receive Morningstar ratings for free from my broker. How is this product different? What is the difference if I access it directly?

The level of access to Morningstar ratings and data differs broker to broker, but in most instances, the ratings that you receive free from your broker are quantitative in nature. This means that fair value (the long-term intrinsic value of a share) that is assigned to a share is calculated based on an algorithm. As part of Morningstar Investor, you receive access to qualitative research, with our independent analysts’ weigh in on over 2000 equities, funds, ETFs and LICs.

Morningstar Investor is a holistic solution that is focused on the investor, and not the investment. It offers access to ratings, as mentioned, and data on over 40,000 securities. It also includes analyst insights and editorial thought leadership, including forecasts for ASX/200 stocks and popular investing newsletter Your Money Weekly.

As part of your subscription, you also receive access to a Portfolio Manager that is powered by award winning Portfolio Tracker, Sharesight and integrated with Morningstar research and data. This is accompanied by a suite of tools and calculators to help investors reach their investing goals, including goal calculators, asset allocation models, ETF model portfolios and more.

➣ Is Morningstar Investor a broker service?

Morningstar Investor does not offer investors the ability to trade securities.

➣ What if I already have Sharesight subscription?

If you already have a Sharesight subscription, we will pick up your bill (up to the value of the Investor Plan). For existing Sharesight subscribers, you are able to link your existing account to your Investor subscription. If you are on the monthly investor plan, the billing will be directed to Morningstar from the following month. If you are on an annual plan, the next annual payment will be paid directly by Morningstar. If you are on a higher priced plan you will be charged the difference between the investor plan cost and your plan.

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Investing is a journey. Morningstar Investor is designed to be your companion along that journey.

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Our top equity picks, including sustainable dividend generating stocks, 5-star Australian and global stocks, 5-star Australian and global listed property stocks, sustainable investing stocks and more
Our analysts’ Fund and ETF ratings, which are based on the ability to outperform the index on a risk-adjusted basis over time
Morningstar's investment screeners
Updates and research reports from Morningstar's team of 150+ analysts
Sharesight Investor Plan
4 portfolios
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Integrated Morningstar research, data & ratings on over 48,000 global securities including stocks, ETFs, funds and hybrids
Access to Morningstar’s Portfolio X-Ray tool
Access to Morningstar’s proprietary indexes
Morningstar investing guides and educational webinars

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Morningstar is a leading source of independent investment research for stocks, funds, ETF's, credit, and LIC's as well as financial data, news, investing tools.

It started with an idea—one great idea from a 27-year-old stock analyst. Joe Mansueto thought it was unfair that people didn’t have access to the same information as financial professionals. So he hired a few people and set up shop in his apartment—to deliver investment research to everyone. We didn’t know then what the company would look like today, but we knew the commitment to our mission—to empower investor success—wouldn’t change. Now, we operate in 29 countries and cover over 621,370 investments. We’ve empowered investors all over the world, and we’re continuing to look for new ways to help people achieve financial security.

We are independent, which means we do not charge or accept payment or commissions from fund managers, listed companies or other product issuers to produce research on their products. Our mission remains true today, 37 years after that one great idea – we believe in the democratization of investment information, research and data. Our mission is at the core of everything we do – to empower investor success.


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